Monday, February 22, 2010


i've gotta feelin like evrybdy else feelin rite now
time passes n the days goes by~without really feelin deeply into it

efforts have been put a lot until sweats droppin off
pray have been declared without givin up
sacrfice have been done n no regrets in return

recallin back.......

its almost 2 yrs of livin in a diffrnt life
24.3.2008 until o8.12.2009
been thruogh lot of hardship,happiness,sadness....evrythin
i can say thats the very best part of my life...
meetin all kinda studnts...the chosen one~
from evry inch of this small state
proud 2 b call SABAHAN
tryin 2 be the best among the best
in this small city...~tawau.....

1st sem~3.47
2nd sem~3.32
3rd sem~3.32
oh.... im such a failure that tym
no too much exposure on the meaning of education n success
no regrets should b admit
thats a key of success actlly...
ppl who success will always face the failure 4 several times
ppl who success will owez face the challenges n hardship 2 b test by god

rumours spread...
soon will be the rslt...
patience n pray accompany me
whenever it is... it will come 2 us~no need 2 think bout it too much
a rslt which will decide n determine 4 my next journey
being a useless or useful
hopin the best from it....

blessed my effort n sacrification
answer my prayer.....


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