Friday, February 7, 2014

Something unforgettable

The first time i came, i thought life will be totally new
Yes, im not wrong. Everyhing was new to me. 
Environment, routine and the people itself
Then, it changes. As time passes by, everything changes
We became a great family like who has live since years ago
Time passes by filled with happiness and joy
Ended with unforgettable moments
Sad, but thats it. Thats life we need to encounter
Every beginning has its ending. 
Its a happy ending though
But, sadness undeniable
We can capture and keep the moments forever, but not the people

The second time i came, with hope i can have back the time
But, what we plan is not always what we get
I accept it as the way it is
People come and go in our life
As people go, new people enter to give us another stories to share
Everything is like repetition
But the one that go, their soul and spirit always be with me
I bring them everyday 
Now, the ending. 
The feelings came again. 
Let prayer be the heal to the fragile heart 


7.08pm 7/2/14

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