Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Growing up

As we grew up, we often encounter many things in life. The bad things and good things come together. Both I called it experience. That taught us to improve ourselves in the future. To guarantee many good things to come in returns. Meeting new people is when u will feel like, "should I be excited?" Or " should I just be myself?" or "should I follow their pattern?" For me, it's simple, do what u have to do first in terms of protocol, politeness. Then, everyone will loosen up a bit when they feel comfortable and they feel like, "hey, this person is nice to hangout with". The process of knowing each other is an easy thing when both parties has that brain to think of what's good and bad. It's great when u found ppl around you that accept u as what u are, lending their ears, and be with u in every of ur condition. However it turns out to be really sad, when separation happens. Life has a start and end. In the middle, u found separation. Which none of us want it in our life. Life must go on. Someone told me that. And I kept on saying it all over again. When the bodies are not met, the heart always met. Pray for the person is the best thing we could do. The best weapon, that no one could picture how powerful it is. Too great. 

Salam ramadhan al Mubarak. Lets enlightened this holy month with ibadah :)

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