Saturday, March 9, 2013

the fourth sem

its been hectic day everyday. i have problems with my daily routine. i have to catch up with everything. merits, events, studies. always remind myself to not complain, no sigh, no negative thoughts. just face it or u fail. i have complicated, emotional feelings recently. everything was just too hard for me to express. i need my diary, but i forgot where i put it. =.= just forgot bout my lame issue. i just wanna focus on my study and please jpa, please send us the money asap. hehee.. oh yeah, its been like 4 or 5 months maybe i dont consume mcd, nestle, starbucks. its hard to resist, but alhamdulillah, its getting easier each day. i hope, this will help ppl at palestine. and yeah, dont forget to keep on praying for sabah. its quite hard to not open the fb and twitter because i always want to read the updates of whats happening there.

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