Friday, February 8, 2013


after 4 days resting from camp, directly went for practical at port dickson. this place called centre of marine science. so yeah, less work, more time to enjoy. more money wasted. i was happy to be with my crazy prac-mate. as a seafood freak, its fun to be here. way too fun eating all the kerang. we went to pantai kemang, tanjung biru, pantai saujana. playing banana boat, and deadly donut.  for a person who has phobia to water like me, its a lifetime experience not to be done again. first and never. i had fun speaking nogori. seriously, learning others language is way too fun for me. den memang suko dduk sini. hehehe so, thanks also to the staffs for the 2 days of free lunch. thanks for the knowledge. here, i learn a lot about shrimp farming, algae culture and yeah almost everything abt aqua except for the fish sadly. one thing for sure im not into aqua thing. and yeah, put a strike to my list on aquavet. also, thanks to 2 guys, native of n9 for a short time spent with us :D

a brown algae

greenwater culturing

larvae of shrimp


after negeri sembilan. quickly switched to my native language because im goin keningau to do my ruminant practical. again less work. but here, we're stuck at the hostel. no transport and its a bit scary actlly. so, we spent everyday watching at least 2 movies per day. we have our rest from 10 to 2. and we have the entire night. so memang tidak penat langsung. plus, i dont have a good night sleep there. the ppl there are awesome. they're funny. funnier than i thought. cool n sporting staffs even the vet itself. this place is huge. stesen pembiakan ternakan. really huge. unfortunately we dont have the chance to go around the paddock. the view here is very beautiful. green and calm. its super nice. we have the chance to do debudding, milking, injection, giving a greenlight to milk that goin to be sold. eating venison almost everyday. its just so good to be here. then, we went kk for 3 days and shop shop shop. i manage to get 5 longsleeve shirts with one pants in just about rm50. i mange to get all my items in my shopping list. went to the museum and learn abt my own state. see the sunset. everything feels so good :D

alhamdulillah, everything was fine. thank you Allah for opening my eyes to see the other side of your creation.   now, i am eager to know more, and i really want to explore more. :D

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