Thursday, April 5, 2012

falling in love

just having thoughts on love. xda kaitan antara yang hidup ataupun yg tlh meninggal dunia. random thoughts during lectures, lab. ok nmpk sgt aku suka daydreaming time lecturer dkat depan. this is my very own opinion abt this so-called love. di saat beta ada proposal mau dibuat, disaat tu la sibuk click on create new post. im thinking of, what if we fall in love, but we're afraid to. maybe because of the past, or maybe because the absence of trust or because we are afraid it might lead us to uncontrollable sins? having a crush towards someone. fitrah manusia we called it. semua org pun ada crush. its unavoidable. u just have to know how control it. jgn smpai ada perigi mencari timba sudah. for me, having crush is not a sin as long as u know the limit. things like, manners, menjaga pandangan, batas pegaulan and all that. everyone has that one girl or guy yg menarik minat mereka. i mean, yeah, we like the way she or he act, appearance bla bla bla. its kind of lying la klu ckp aku pun xda crush kan. come on la, everyone has one. at least one. so, recently this college organized many activities especially talks la. dan aku antara org yg rajin jugakla pegi. sbb mmg mau pegi and the merits for sure. so all these talks mesti ada selit ckp psl love. but mostly talk tu yg islamic la. its really beautiful when we fall in love in islamic way. like, love after marriage. tp kebanyakan org x percaya love after marriage sbb org zmn skrg ssh utk percaya kata mereka. beta pun berfikiran sebegitu. hehe. lagipun love after marriage ni kbnykn juga arranged marriage kan. forget abt marriage. lets go back to basic. so, yeah love. most of us will say thing like "kwn2 aku bnyk yg sdh couple, jelesnyaaa". no doubt abt it, aku pun prnh fikir mcm tu. setan bisik kuat sgt. tapi when i think back, prnhkah kita ckp things like. "kwn2 aku sdh bnyk yg insaf, jelesnyaa" randomly heard kan. manusia, its getting complicated day by day. ive been thinking of ways on how to avoid all of these trend that has been like a virus to everyone. everyday, i keep on reminding myself to love Allah, parents, family, friends and myself first before i share it with someone else. and its hard to find one that really fall in love with the one and only creator. the only true love. love is not about lust, its about responsibility. but anything can happen, who knows, it depends on how you manage yourself, how you take good care of your heart and how u see life through different perspective. im not against love, we can fall in love actually, tp kata org pandai2 la bawa diri. many unexpected things could happen.nobody knows. insya-allah, we'll find the right away if we have the right intention. read more about love here

menunjukkan cinta itu suatu yang penting diterapkan dalam diri setiap muslim sehinggakan Nabi s.a.w bersabda bahawa tidak masuk syurga sehingga kamu belajar cinta-mencintai diantara satu sama lain.  

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