Friday, March 9, 2012

get myself back to the right track

we can control our mind but what about the heart? its hard to do so.

first thought on my mind about how to get myself back into the track by resisting all the things that have been part of me for years. but knowing that the things that been inside me is not good at all, i have to force myself to get rid of it. truth to be told, its kinda hurt to do so, but i believe that things will get better day by day.

meeting old friends makes me smile. really smile. looking back at those days remind u of those unforgettable memories. i do miss them until i kept on blaming myself why i always dont have time to meet them. why i always refuse to spent my time to meet them and why cant i give myself chance to meet them. sitting alone at the room solve nothing but thats torture me more n more. talking with lil hammies n fishy at least, fill the empty spaces within me.

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