Saturday, December 3, 2011

foodnatic race

woke up with swollen eyes. ouh. i have foodnatic race. an explorace.
i need to run and run. no energy. sooo sleepy.
saw something. "hey, im energetic right now!"

first checkpoint:
puzzle. a picture of spongebob. but, we have to do it on the grass.
what the.... its not even a flat surface. how do u expect us to do it nicely and properly
ok, i start to curse and curse. nvm.. just do it

2nd checkpoint :
*khemah besar*
smell test. they didnt mention it at first. they just say that they need a volunteer to be blindfold.
*hands up* im doing it. but actlly im not that blind. i still can see thru it. hehe
ive got 2 out of 5 correct. but until now i cant figure out what the other 3. urghhh
penalty 3 minutes

3rd checkpoint :
*unit ujikaji haiwan*
ok, this is some sort of guessing la mcm..
a volunteer need to do any body movement without any voice then the others will guess.
its abt kuih melayu. and we did it very well. i mean it very well... its so fast man. we can guess all of the 5 kuihs correctly. look who's the pro laa.. hahaha

4th checkpoint:
*gunung kereta*
eating stuffs. ouh. my weakness. i saw budu.this cant be. we have to throw darts into balloon and depends on luck. we got koko crunch, 100 plus and lime. just nice. but i feel like throwing up when i saw it.

5th checkpoint :
*barrier gate baru*
singing. my weakest part also. singing an old malay song in angry tones. thank god we have ain. very beautiful voice of her...

6th checkpoint :
*hijau tiang gol*
bowling kelapa. i love bowling but im not very good at it. we must leave 1 bottle stand. thats all. but got penalti for 2 minutes. failed

7th checkpoint :
i dont know what game is this. but we have to blow a fish made by paper from one point to the other point. not that fun but a bit challenging as we have to compete with the boys.

8th checkpoint :
*lee chong wei*
ok it must be the badminton court. but i failed this part. im not that kind of gadis melayu terakhir. anyam ketupat. 5 ketupat in 7 minutes. i just know how to boil the ketupat segera laa.. thank god we have nisa. she's good at it. from here, we manage to get the 2nd fastest. i mean, all the girls group did very well this part. pity all those boys. have to do a penalty by making a pantun. hahaha

overall, i love this race as i "saw something" and all the participants were fun enough to play and compete with :) whatever it is, i have the merits! haha. ok, have to perform for tonite's closing ceremony. *gulp*

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