Friday, November 25, 2011

latest updates

end of test 2. felt relieve a lil bit. but there is long way to go as the never-ended assignments and presentations haunted each one of us.
 i was walking with full of despair recently as problems come and go. but never mind. i kept saying "its life man!" look how positive i was. kononlaaa..
life is getting hard as i grew older. decisions hard to make, conclusions hard to simplify.
old friends hard to meet, hard to talk. life never gets easier. it takes bits and pieces of ur happy moment. but remember, it will give u more happiness in return.

doctors to be. vets in the making. insya-Allah. 

yes. im here again. but this time cheaper, but less books. didnt find the books that i want. tiring. looking for books in about half an hour, but paying for like 3 hours! its a very long que. small place less cashier. nothing can describe my 4 hours inside there. then, rushing to the mines for twilight breaking dawn. 

10 books. but still not satisfied about it.

thanks ness for delivering this cute lil shirt all the way from UM. *terharu*
no wonder u've been asking me about my college address.

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