Thursday, August 18, 2011

sungkai dgn KM sbh

*wink wink... dgn perasaan berat hati, finally ive decided to go for majlis buka puasa brsama KM sabah d PWTC. This is for the 2nd time. wlupn ada exam maths on the next day, tp pegi jugak sbb at least ive cover through all the topics for maths exam. and one more thing, sepa ndamau mkn free, duit raya and jumpa kwn2~ d dlm beg berisi nota2 maths. hehehe.. and yeah, this yr, upm lmbt dtg lg... hoho.. trpksa mnebalkan muka jalan all the way to our table yg trletak di dpn skali.. btul2 blkg tu VVIP. :| then, terpikir, mcm mna mau study klu dduk di dpn ni? ouh.... dan sepanjang berjln mnebalkan muka p depan tu nmpklah junior2 mrsm twu.. lpas tu ternmpk c oliver dgn naziman. hepi2.. this yr pnya event dpt jumpa kwn lagi. klu last yr dpt jmpa oliver seja. this yr bnyk gilaa yg dikenal.. espclly junior. mmg berhambur.. and the moment when i just sit on my table, they've alrdy pointing at us.. i knew few of them, like zaimah, syazwani, danial, asnawi, syafiin, and more... just cant recall their name. but this yr pnya tidak sehebat last yr.. hoho..and the food was not bad at all espclly the dessert. and as usual, we got this!

dont ask me how much inside :P

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