Monday, August 8, 2011


last class for physics and ssk. i'll miss both of the lecturers. today is quite a bad day. after more and more things started to make my life miserable. ive got agri report, chem presentation and JPA documents to settle up before i can really focus on final exams. but, thats not the only things. just got news that we will be back here on 7th sept. no exception for that so called orientation week. that means, i have to go through the minggu perkasa putra for the 2nd time! what a.... ok. then, i'll get the result of my degree courses on the 7th sept also. what a.... ok. 8 days of holiday only after 4 months of struggling [struggle sgtlaa]. rushing back to upm and on the spot get to know the degree courses. i bet there will be an emotional moment there. what a... ok. stop with that, im not going to think bout that. im pretending that im dreaming. ok. dont wake me up until the end of final exams. just can someone pls think bout our feelings? as a human being? not a robot. ok, i've understood. life is full of challenges. and i have to face it.! ok, selamat hari raya everyone [emosi tidak stabil]

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