Saturday, August 6, 2011

loyal companion

former name : pipi after that, gupi
current name : stefan salvatore

stefan watched me cried, laugh and angry everyday. never fail to make me smile. *ok sgt berbaur perasan ayat tersebut* actlly ikan ni sdh berumur 2 bulan lebih. sbnrnya dia ada kwn nama gugu. dan dia bernama pipi. [ok sgt tiada idea mau bg nama apa] lpas tu c gugu pn mati, slpas beberapa jam tiba d upm. lalu nmnya pun bertukar gupi. then, smpai skrg dia still survive. yeah! after that i was stroked by a vampire diaries fever. falling in love with stefan salvatore... so, the name evolve again. hahaha..

nothing to do rite now. its a silent evening. cant do any revision. my uspot had reached the limit usage. which i have to use my friends account. so, today ive spent the whole day with singing, reading on genetics, counting on statistics. appreciating every minutes left. forgetting all the failures that ive gone through and here i am standing up again. doing all i can to fix everything up back to normal. keep on praying to Allah. because i know there will be no success without failure, without any challenges. this is a true battle that i need to fight off till the end. although there were some complicated matter due to my own future, i'll never think bout that. for now, i have to win this very last battle.

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