Tuesday, August 2, 2011

go away

please go away. im begging. this feeling, pain, hatred and all the bad stuffs. making my life more miserable during the upcoming final exams. while my friends doing presentation infront, ive been thought of many things. and that makes my head explode. thinking bout ppl with their unaware behaviour, jealousy, hypocrites, revenge and all that bullshit. just thinking that why ppl never stops with their damnful habit. this is too much already. dear u, what goes around always comes around. do take note on that. the moment that u r doing that, im on pressure. and that makes my head explode more and more. revenge. no for me. because i do believe in karma. im just not in the mood rite now. uncontrolled emotion. bear with it. i feel like wanna go home rite now. thats all. messing up with me is not the right time. now, im feeling more and more pissed off towards u. i wish i am damon salvatore so that i can compelled u. i wish i am hermione with her magic stick. i wish i am part of hocus pocus sisters so that i can curse u. but i know, its beyond my ability and imagination.

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