Wednesday, August 24, 2011

farewell everyone

10.30 am.


over-reaction due to undefined happiness.

shaking hands, hugs and kisses, saying sorry, thanks and happy eid to each other right after the exams. took about half an hour to bid farewell. its a happy moment but also sadness overwhelmed us in all of sudden. unavoidable tears running down heavily. i'll miss this second family. they've been way too special for me.

again, i wanna say thanks for letting me in to ur guys deepest heart, thanks for making my life as a foundation student, one of the greatest moment in life. sorry for all the wrongdoings. let bygones be bygones.

6th batch of asper and kuliah 4 rocks!

not to forget my AWESOME ROOMATES! heeee. :P

I am proudly say, im an ex student of asper UPM.


  1. memorable and unforgetable moment. isn't it? :)

    all the best with your future endeavour!

  2. nab, gud luck for ur future,:)