Tuesday, July 5, 2011

cycling with all my heart

2nd of july, saturday

the trainers taught us how to choose the right bicycle. set the right position of seat. cycle in the right way. get the know every component of bicycle and many more.

on the evening, we start to cycle 23 km. upm-putrajaya and then back to upm. 23 km? which ive never done before. i almost gave up. but the motivation and supports from my friends and trainers lift me up back

3rd of july, sunday

we start with our true journey and adventure. its about 77 km of cycling from upm to sg, tekala and back to upm. its UNBELIEVABLE! i cant believe that i can actlly do it. cycle through many kinds of road, narrow, wide, highway, hills. i almost gave up also but yeah, the team spirit never let me down. they will always be there when i was about to stop cycle. thanks so much guys. i love u guys sooo much. every minutes and secs there must be someone cycle with me and concerning bout me. oh, u guys rocks! haha.. the trainers also. they were superb!

thats the end of it, i miss my cycling moments although i hurt my legs, hands and butts... hahah.. but yeah, i miss the bicycles :)

now, im proud to say, i can cycle through many kilometres although im small. so, dont underestimate me! i cycle for these priceless experience :D

with the team

upm kampus berbasikal?

loser look! ngehh

we conquered putrajaya!

my beloved classmates :D

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  1. Welcome to the commuting world. wow!! 77km? im impressed..Good job keep it up.. cik nabila..