Friday, June 3, 2011

when a girl lost her sanity

went to the mines last wednesday to buy some foods, ended up eating sushi king. then on friday, class finished on 10 am. follow my friends to alamanda. three of us on the perodua kancil. ended up eating kfc. fast food again. after that, watching nur kasih. thats the only movie left. the others, bored and alrdy watched. this was my first time watching malay movie on the cinema. because i do believe in.. "alah kalau cerita mlayu cpt kluar tv jugak"... see, how narrow minded i am towards malay movie industry. ngeehehehe.. ok, me and my friends ended up with crying. but, i was crying from the very first 5 mins until the end of it.. gosh.. that movie really tested my emotions and feelings. i can say no more but, my rm7 worth it. luckily got student price. lemme tell ya, malaysians need to be polite ok. 2 rude incidents happened. and it pissed me off.


"bagi set toasted pocketful satu?"

"ok, tp kena tggu 10 minit"


suddenly there was an unpleasing voice...

" eh, kan aku dah ckp, ckp xda je"

demmit. just take my order la. ive said ok, i will wait, so? maybe the workers were so lazy to cook it kan. but the one that take my order just ignored what his friend said. maybe he was annoyed with it also.

that was part 1. the second part also like that. but this time involving the manager. and it happened to another customer

" ayam tu bg spicy ek"

"eh, jap eh.. ayam spicy xda kan?"

dem the woman cashier again. aiyoo... then the manager replied...

"ambik je order dia, jgn ckp xda, nnt biar sya masak"

see? how lazy the workers were. so may workers there, but, all of them standing and doing nothing! nmpk sgt pkrja baru. and they talk rudely.!

so, thats the end of my visit today to alamanda. looking forward to visit the next place of the "most money wasted on"..

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