Monday, June 27, 2011

this is what friends should do. yes, im on my way doing it. not just me, the others also.

im hurt when my friends get hurt by someone. or anyone. playing with her heart is like playing with my heart also. ppl now tend to just give their responsibility to someone without care bout it anymore. selfish, stupidity, evil. demmit. i just hate u guys for doing it to my own bestfriend. i really hate the way u treated her. dont u know, we shouldnt bear all these things and yet u didnt want take the responsibility on what faults that have been made by yourself. u r grown up, got status , unfortunately u act like a child. i think i can say much more stupid than kindergarten students. i can say no more because u guys were so so evil. hate hate hate :'(
be strong my dear friend....i know u were much more stronger than we thought

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