Monday, June 13, 2011

just smile and no regrets

test 1 was officially over with the last paper. sc comp. muet results were out. and yeah. thanx for giving me a chance to still breathing and thanks for still giving me hopes for my future. ive passed the requirements for my degree courses. now, the only thing left is the exams and tests.

my phone rang and text messages never stops.

begins with...

"tahniah nab"


"band 5!"

"eh, mcm mna kau cek?"

"klas aku heboh psl nabila sarkawi dpt band 5?"

"sottt.... aku x cek lgk laaaaa"

ok, that is so embarrassing. from where do they got that false information.? i didnt check mine, yet they alrdy knew it. and they said from fb.. what the....

and my sisters were so busy body also... they want to compete with me, until they asked my mum bout my ic number.. then, checked it. yeah. and they forward the text to me..

actlly, i dont want to check my result yet, but so many ppl force me to check it. i wanna check it a week after...

and the truth is, ive got band 4. im so thankful rite now. alhamdulillah.


  1. congrate nab ! saya pon dipaksa untk cek saya punya result . at first , mlas tahu pon muet dpat brape .(: