Tuesday, May 31, 2011

when life gets tougher

screw u ppl for messing up with my time. screw u ppl for being too dependable. urgghhh... life is getting hard and patience kept broken day by day. ppl nvr understand our words of wisdom because they are too stupid for believing the words of evil. i cant understand why these kind of ppl still exist and still believe they can have the eternal joy after doing such bloodyful action. they think their brain is good enough to be use as part of the plan. they never understand the words of 'soon to be expired'. thsy have the brain but no sense of feeling. what for? one word describe all, stupid.

thanked me for still being able to smile infront of everybody no matter how i hate that person. see? hypocrite me. it can be forgiven anywy, in order to care bout others heart.

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