Tuesday, May 10, 2011

day 2

eh, xda lab fizik. yeay! klas pkul 2 bru start. what a heaven. but but, ssk? sc comp for 3 hrs. ouh pls make me happy ssk. dont let me fall asleep again.

one thing for sure, my phone never stop receiving text messages.

"esk xda lab fizik. konfem?"

"eh, esk klas pkul 2 start r kn?"

"nak pegi pkul brpa?"

and suddenly when i want to rply the text....

"message sending failed"

what the.. is it the prblm with the coverage or what... ok, checking on the balance. ok got it RM0.03. running out of credit.

ok, this is what gonna happen when u r one of the important person in a community. ur life get a bit hectic because u have to take care of the people in a community. u have to guide them in some matters. that doesnt mean i hate this job. and also doesnt mean that i like this job. but, yeah im trying to do my best. im a 'non-serious' person. i like to play around and laugh. and im trying to have fun with the title vice pres. no stress, just enjoy and go with the flow. yeah guys, i will try to do my best, but pls do not put so much hope from me. i might be useless and hopeless sometimes.

ok, im tired of walking here and there bfore ssk class started. the whole glass got sweated bcause of searching the place. yeah, its a bit confusing. but, we have fun during ssk. so much fun. not because of the syllabus or what. its because we have a young and sporting demo and she let us play and talk and also laugh. we even open fb during classes. ok, i laugh too much for today at the ssk lab and also at the bus. the demo also sounds very funny sometimes

but one thing distract me is when we learn bout the hardware, software, serial number, simple coding and all that. i cant catch up because i have no basic. and i dont even know the function of every single things. got headache just now.

by the evening, ive started my jogging mission. for the first day, it was quite worse. but, i hope i can get better day by day. and i hope my jogging habit will last long. i really need to fit up myself for the sake of my health

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