Friday, March 25, 2011

weekend no more.

i guess i'll miss my weekend this week. not just for this week, the next next next and next week also. errr... i think i never have weekend since i got here laa. ive already made a to-do list for my saturday and sunday.. grrr... just finished the script for our mock interview. im doing a little editing on it. then, the list still continues.. bio lab report, agri report, muet preparation. yeah, speaking of muet, im gonna be among the earliest person who will do this muet. the first day and EARLY morning. why i 'highlighted' on early? because it is as early as 7.30 AM!!! that was the time that i usually wearing my shoes and on my way walking down the stairs chasing on the bus. grrrrr.. ok, be optimist. do early, finish early. only speaking on that day, the rest writing, reading and listening will be on the the next week.

ok, currently felt very glad because i can open the e-smp (some sorta system) to check on my test results at the same time, there will be no problem for me next week, during the registration courses for the next sem. ok, im having this difficulty since i want to check on my exam results for the previous first sem. and now, i waana say proudly to my friends that " i can open my e-smp!" yeyay!

im having kinda one symptom. symptom of weirdness, quirky. im shouting "fire in the hole!" all of sudden the next day after watching world invasion. ok, this kid was silly. ngehh ;p. i dont know but yeah, im shouting like stupid to my friends at class or wherever it is that word. and followed by "tetetetetttetet" (the sound of the gun). btw, yeah the world invasion affect my behaviour probably.. hahaha... it was one of the great movie that makes me speechless. makes me cry also.. there were some part makes me a lil bit touch. and u know, my tears wont stop watching that scene. when, a boy lost his father. (actlly im kinda homesick too at at that time) hehe

nahh, i just tweet. ngehh.. u know fcbk is a very dangerous site. the whole world will know it. and once they know, its hard to shut them up. so, u gotta deal with it. i mean it.

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