Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sbb aku akn try stabilkan balik pH pegi 7. neutral

the older u get, the more challenges u face. yes, it was totally true. and i feel like being in a movie, drama series, with many sequels rite now. me as the supporting actress.

ok, i wanna throw out my opinion based on the worst case scenario that happened last nite.

ceritanya start bgni. ada post status d fb mnybbkn si 'xy' ni pegi comment la status tu. lalu,-comment islamik tersebut menimbulkan spekulasi dan kemungkinan salah faham terhadap orang2 tertentu. dan semestinya menimbulkan rasa tidak puas hati dan akhirnya tercetus pergaduhan atupun lbih dikenali sbgai perang dingin. antara yg terlibat knfem akulah. klu x aku x tulis post ni. yg lbih mmburukkan semuanya di dlm satu kuliah. aku x join comment sbb aku xda fb and fyi, aku almost activate fb last nite. nasib dpt control.

ok. itu summary for the whole story last nite.

sekarang aku mau summarize opinion aku and a bit suggestion on what we should do rite now.

ok, apa kata kita bt rundingan damai? instead of terus bergaduh sesama kaum. instead of bermasam muka. we are family and always will be. i believe on that. for me, i will act like im in the mid of this situation. meaning, i will not be on both sides. i will stand by my own side. sbb apa? bkn mau kata aku selfish ka lupa kwn ka, atau apa ka. tp i just wanna say that both sides made mistakes. and we have to admit that. believe me, we made mistakes. because nobody's perfect, nobody's right. kita terlalu mengikut hati dan perasaan masing2, lantas menyampaikan secara terus, menerusi medium yg salah. yeah, u might think that u were right, tp cuba pikir balik kelemahan diri u. cba pikir balik apa yg u bt smpai org hilang kwln. kita jgn cpt melenting dgn situasi yg dihadapi, cuba kawal diri, kawal emosi. take a deep breath. jgn terlalu obses dgn sesuatu bnda. sometimes we must be optimist on every situation. so, apa kata, kita cuba lembutkan hati, muhasabah diri, dan nilai balik siapa diri kita yg sbnr. beristighfar.

i admit that i was freaking mad last nite. uncontrolled emotion. and i was throwing shit on every tweets i typed. but today, i try to fix it back, neutralize this black situation by listing the pros and cons.

lastly my advice is, try to be an open-minded person. try to look before u leap, try to think before we speak. every words that we throw is hard to erase. because our speech is like a permanent marker. we can liquid it but it will remain there forever.

u know what, i was laughing too hard just now sbb bru terbaca post dkat group kuliah di fb psl bnda ni. everyone trying to make fun of this complicated conflict sbb xmau family yg dah terbina since last yr berpecah. thx everyone for ur effort. i know u guys dont want this kind of thing to happen kn. me either. we still have a long way to go. still ada sem 3. mcm mna mau survive as one family klu semua pn sdh mau ikut telunjuk masing2. kita musst build that unbrekable bond again. klu boleh bukan single bond bukan double bond tp unbreakable bond!

lastly, honestly and straightly from my heart. sorry and thank you. every words is an appreciation, advice and reminder. no doubts on that. guys, no offense, no hard feeling.

p/s: currently writing this post while listening to nasyid. so, i can feel the calm and no bad, dirty words came out from my heart through my fingers.

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