Thursday, March 17, 2011


u look different from the first time we met. yeah., so different. i mean, not ur physical, but mentally, emotionally and chemically kot. ok, so guys, ppl change. klu into something better xpa jgk.. tp, klu into something worst? sdhlah mnusia ni mmg worst kn. tmbh lgk worst? worst square. knpa mnusia ni worst? ok, sbb nobody's perfect. ppl makes mistakes. so do i. klu org tnya kita, siapa pling perfect yg kita prnh jmpa. rsanya kita dpt jwb ka?

i know i dont deserve to write this. sbb aku pn 2 kali 5 jugak. tp, this is my only way to make ppl terasa and sedar diri kn. klu ckp depan2 ada kena lempang nnt. org kta first impression is really important to make ppl respect us kn. tp, for me first impression will not always be so true. it can be very deceiving. ada first2 jmpa ada yg mcm angel.. tp, lma2 kenal rpnya devil bertopengkan angel. ada plak yg mcm setan perngai. lma2 kenal, hati di sgt suci murni mcm jernihnya minyak masak seri murni.

honestly, aku nmpk kau mcm kain putih yg bercorak batik. tp lama2 kau rpnya kain putih yg tersalah cetakan batiknya. ok, aku x kisah. tp, mslhnya kau x pndai square rootkn balik kau pnya perangai worst yg sdh dikuasa dua tu.i try to refresh my memory card reader inside my brain. back then, u said u r like this and that and whatsoever but, look at u now. u've changed a lot. ok, its my bad for believing u so much. but, i lose my respect on u. really. seriously.

when i think back, sepa yg mau tlg solvekan square root dorang tu klu bkn pakar2 maths kn. i mean, kwn2 dia lah.. tp, mcm mna mau tlg klu dorang pn x pernah sedar diri. hurmm... now, i act like i know and dont care too much bout it. but, deep inside it makes me wanna scream it to the world. ok, u guys may not know who im talking to. because it is dedicated to many ppl out there.. i mean MANY ppl whom i met.

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