Wednesday, March 30, 2011

apple day :D

apple day. 28 mac 2011. was held at pusat asasi sains pertanian. conducted by biro kebajikan, ebit and the gang. it was so great. just a short event. takes only about 45 mins. but full with joy and happiness among the asper's family :) it was held on the afternoon. very sunny, yet a hot afternoon. but we had fun. what is apple day actlly? it was like, giving someone wish and apple. at the same time, making the bond of asper's family grow stronger. anyways, i manage to bring about 8 apples back home.. hahaha.. after mencilok laa baru apple bnyk smpai 8 tuu... im having fun apple-ing wit em! :P

let the photos talk then.. (credit to suha for the photos)

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