Wednesday, January 5, 2011

whacky wednesday

went to the mines to buy a novel and some necessities like foods! ngahaha

went to giant and buy a kid's pillow (stated in the receipt) for the whole time i spend at giant im just hugging the pillow like a kiddy. gahh.. ignore my kampung style.. wearing flip flops.. gahaha.. its cool apa.. hahaha..

this is the cake! cute rite?? hehe.. actlly its just a plain chocolate cake. we bought from giant. its only kinda rm10. and its really worth it! so so yummy.. and i was the one who came up with the idea putting on MnM's on top of it.. (effect of watching too much love stories) hahaha

so, this is the birthday girl.. laisha.. i know u will read this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! hehehe

i made this card just for her.. gahh.. its kinda messy but full of honesty.. gahh.. sengal me.. sori laisha my handwriting was way too cakar ayam...tulisan doktor la ktakan.. hahaha.. aminn... ;p

so, this is where my money went to.. and i dont care at all spending too much on novel or even magaxines. reading is my passion.. gahh.. nerdy me. so, me and my friends also collecting on all the pamphlet we found! haha.. its fun.. this is my first novel ever. gahaha.. and most of all i got another freebies from magazine! i like it! haha

and the best thing ever is when u got a reply from ur fav superstahhh.. hahaha.. its azizulhasni awang peeps! the malaysian no 1 cyclist! hahaha.. im wishing him birthday on his twitter.. saja2 jak.. then, he reply me back. a simple words bring so much meaning to me.. hahaha.. poyo yg teramat la kau nabila.. lalala.. i dont care i dont care... hahaha....

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