Monday, January 17, 2011

still searching will keep searching

i really look like this rite now. but that doesn't mean i wanna commit suicide or what. so many things to think rite now. past, present, future. all of them. and how i wish i could turn back the time. i really wish for it. but, god knows better than we do. plus, i've been thought of myself. why cant i be someone who have the voice to speak out. i mean with full of confident and courage and guts. i REALLY wish for it. why cant i be someone who have the guts to correct what is wrong, to make out with an idea, opinion and all that. why am i so shy and scared of that kinda things. why cant i speak for justice and something im not satisfied with. i wish i can speak for something at least something! ok, im to emo rite now.. gulp. i just wanna shut up and let the others speak. im not in the mood =.=

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