Wednesday, January 12, 2011

nature lover gone wild :p

its all bout ubi for today. and i have a great time with my classmates for 3 hours. its an unforgettable experience. first amali at ladang kongsi, upm. nice instructor, crazy dude, great job.

im ready with my weapon! be careful ubi! haha

everybody is working hard to be the best professional farmer to get a good quality of yield. such a great job!

an amateur shot. posessing only 2mp cameraphone

the boys are working hard. uh? haha

the science student which are proud of themselves because they can also planting!
its an advantage for us

i saw this on the way back to college. and i really hate it.

nice view from bukit ekspo

and today 2 more magazines to come. im shortage of money

so, its a day to remember. its a day to cherished. its a day to laugh out loud. get out from the room. free from books. free from pressure. and feel the freedom with nature outside. im proud to be asper-ian!

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