Monday, January 31, 2011

my kaki needs a new one.

i knew it. the time has come. my fingers are very good at googling the fashion blog. geez. its not my feet who wants it or even my heart. its the lust. shopping lust. actually this is one of my shopping list since last year and until now im still craving for it. the temptation doesnt come to its end because every girls got one and i think i should have one too! dem this. i hate it. i promise myself not to spend on any unnecessary stuffs for february. and its not yet february peeps. can u imagine how waste i am? lemme tell u whats haunted me every nite in my dream, its a brogues! flat laced brogues, brown in colour, full of classics. gosh. im in love with it. yeah, i almost bought it the last time i went to times square but guess what? no size fit me. running out of stock, too expensive, bad colour, have heels,.. so many things appear. but i know what does that mean. it means that i shold NOT buy it! yeah.. it was a sign that i should NOT waste my money. so, here are some of pic to show you what brogues looks like.

candy loafers! this one looks cute too


not this one

classic brogues. looks just ok

ok, after googling, then i just realize i used to have a brogue-like shoes when i was 12. anyhow, it doesnt fit my feet now!