Tuesday, January 11, 2011

im allergic to blood?

i dont wnt to donate even a drop of blood! gahh.. how can i be a medic or vet stdnt if im so scared of eenie minie needle? gahh.. ok, let me tell u what really happen for today. so, i've been doing a lab experiment. to know more bout the blood and the structure inside it. so, we have to work in pairs. one of us have to donate a drop of blood to be examine. me and my partner both were afraid of the needle. luckily, my other friend have already drop her blood in their specimen. so, we ask a drop of her blood. and she said yes! gahh.. how lucky we are... and they told us it hurts actlly.. a few minutes after i felt uneasy as i saw blood is everywhere..i mean.. i saw blood in all slides, fingers.. it really makes me feel so uncomfortable.. and feels like vomitting.. gahhh.. so, do i actlly cannot see the blood?... then, im so worried bout my future carreer.. gahh.. ive been sneezing so many times too at the lab today.. its a sign that im allergic to something....

i dont know what's with today.. so many things regarding "what u want to take for degree later"? during class, at the room.. aishh.. i really dont know what to take. there is one survey form been distributed to us this morning about this matter.. we have to list 3 top option for degree.. and i wrote...

1. veterinar
2. biotech
3. medic

why? bcoz only these three things have been flashing on my mind that time. and only these three have been my choosen career. but, i still never put a confidence or even hope to take them. im such a loser this time. working hard for my study but dont know what im going to be in the future. gahh.. no worries for that.. i still have plenty of time to get my head stuck on it..

and today, more problems to come. and i know there's more waiting. so guys.. pls im begging you to act like one. act like someone. act like u'r in other's shoes. pls pls pls... i dont have the voice to speak.. im just the one who cares bout others. and i want everything to be back on its track.

im deaf, so dont speak to me.

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