Sunday, January 9, 2011

hi-tea? gulp*

first of all thx to aina zahirah for making my day
although i just ate sushi king ystrday
but nothing cant stop me from eating it again
because im addicted to it!
not just me, but sarah too! haha
so, i ate sushi for my hi-tea
i ate the same sushi like ystrday and i forgot the name
but most of all on top of it got raw fish eggs
and it was superb
with seaweed around it.
ok, fyi only me and sarah ate seaweed
the other roomates hate it and i dont know why
i remember when i used to buy bunch of seaweeds, only me n sarah can finished up all of them in just a few days..
i didnt manage to take photo of the sushi
because we finished it up in just a blink of eye.
i want it more!


  1. apa yang best kat sushi king?
    tak penah try lagi..

  2. sedap! sgt sedap. espclly klu yg ada seaweed dgn raw fish eggs. itu klu sya laa.. lain org lain slera.. ada jugak salmon and tuna and bnyk lgk!. try laa.. sdp.. hehe