Thursday, January 13, 2011

hari mencarut sedunia

ignore the title. its just a propa. 'mencarut' in my dictionary meaning angry. in dangerous level alrdy. so, ive got nthing special to tell today. just an ordinary day as a pathetic, lazy but cool student. gahh.. holding big bottle, thick dictionary, wearing white, worn out jeans for my legs. it was a different day for me. i am so energetic. focusing more in the class.. it was weird. freaky me. so, what makes me mencarut? ok, because i was totally tired today. going to do the ellis lab which is soooooo 'enjoying', 'fun' and 'exciting'. gahhh.. u know what i mean.. ellis lab is a requirement for english course. going to the computer lab and doing some exercises for an hour. and there's much more things that makes me mencarut. i cant tell. its very sensitive though. thats all for today. my mood spoiled and i wanna do some reading.

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