Monday, November 29, 2010


currently dlm mood mau shopping tp pocket have no money! haha.

im peeping on my mother's bag closet to find out interesting things to discover. and i found bonia leather bag! what the... it looks okay though but it was small.. but still look elegant.. perghh.. back to 90's where ppl usually wore this type of bag. me myself can only afford 30++ bag. bonia bag is way too expensive for me.. paling less pn 100++ kali.. huaa.. my mum had many of this bag, antique kn.. but i promise myself not to bring many stuff back to upm.. btul2 suffer klu bnyk brg.. less space to sumbat suma. anyway, tgklah klu mo ambik.. maybe a bit renovation kna buat klu mau.. sbb tlmpau antique kn tu beg.

my buddies yg dkat matrik sdh dpt result for the first sem pnya exam. really2 wanna know whats the result, tp very lazy to ask mcm bxbody plak nnt. my result? dont know what will happen. im nt very confident if i can hit my target. pfft pfft. blh target agriculture seja A. the others, we'll see bout it later.