Sunday, November 21, 2010

asian games fever

badminton, squash, takraw, athletics, rugby, hockey, crickets, cycling,... just mention.. i watched almost all of them... its better than sleeping rite.. but the most worrying part is when i forgot to eat. talk about sleeping, do u know this one narkolepsi? its a type of sleeping disorder, and i guess i have the symptoms.
i thought by leaving my on9 mania habit, i will be more concern bout the food. but i was totally mistaken. badminton dissapoint me so much..huaaaa.. i watch all types of sports, but i didn't play any of it. am i consider as healthy? maybe a bit laa.. my energy is converted into sound energy..
ok, this is me during high school, not so active but at least im participating myself for silat and netball (sometimes). and at least i have stamina during that time.

now, to jog for 5 mins??? i can call its an unbearable pain to my feet. i cannot even walk too far. i have lost my stamina i think.

i wanna share actually some tweets from fazley yaakob, the artist, motivator, and so on..

Dulu: Mak ayah bertanya, "Dengan siapa kamu berkawan?!"
Kini: Mommy Daddy bertanya, "Siapa yg kamu approve dalam FB dan twitter followers?!"

Dulu: Gadis dinilai dari cara mereka duduk dan makan.
Kini: Gadis dinilai dari cara profile pic di ambil dan status update mereka :)

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