Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 hrs of rushing

as i planned, im going to meet the dentist. but, i have to go by the evening. so, from the morning till noon, im staying at the shop. breakfast, watching movies and then sleep! haha. narcolepsy as usual. soon as i woke up, my mum arrives and without further waiting, i straightly went to wait for the bus, with my sleepy face. honestly, i forgot that i have to pay for the bus fee. while im sitting, then im thinking of, eh, why i need to bring money so much ah? silly me. (effect of riding upm buses for free everyday). then, i almost went near the bus driver to say thank u. (once again, get used with saying thank u to the bus driver-upm ethics). haha, but the conductor suddenly thanked me. weirdo.

then, rushing to do a withdrawal at the bank. i almost get lost in my own town. its going to rain and im rushing like hell. i arrived at the clinic early, but waiting for turns pissing me off! pfft. there's one adult patient also waiting for her turn. but she was way too late rather than me. wearing roxy, LV, and a superb jeans, enough making me so jealous of her. damn cool. she was reading utusan malaysia. im thinking of, perghhh.. hot chicks reading newspaper in public. hard to find actually.. rupanya.. she's looking for her bf face inside it. and actually its on the utusan borneo not malaysia. how do i know? ive heard their conversation (bz body). she's friendly u know... easy-going person.

ok, its my turn. im only going to check on my tooth. its free! idk why but actlly i have to pay rm15. maybe im a regular customer of him. finished with it, im going to find for my avocado juice. im craving for it actlly. unfortunately, they've run out of avocado. tapun! huhuhu. thus, i just bouht the mayonnaise corn, which i cant find also in tanah melayu. they use the susu junjung instead of mayonnaise. weird. im looking for edisi bumper cuti sekolah ujang, but none also. no ujang arrive to sdkn yet. luckily, i manage to see the reader's digest with free discovery magazine. perfect time! this is the time to get ready for my muet (smgt jak lebih) haha.

its a long post. and my stomach playing drum rite now. burger is waiting.

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