Wednesday, October 20, 2010

up and down

yeap its like a wheel. never stops frm rollin up and down....

my physics test 2 was a satisfaction. i manage to score this time. my bio presentation goes smoothly...

my upcoming bi presentation is about jeans. i dont know what will happen. i hope it will be among the best. my lecturer was a bit strict about this presentation thing as she wants the best frm us.

my upcoming chemist presentation?? i dont know... clueless..

my upcoming final exam?? also clueless.. less than a month, but i didnt revise anything yet!

today we got an announcement. our exam will be postponed. meaning, the last exam will be on 23 nov instead of 15 nov. guess what? my flight is on 15 nov.. what should i do now? delay? burn? argghh!!! get very mad rite now.

so, i decided to bought anything that looks delicious at the food court today. i am so messed up rite now. there's a lot to think rite now..

i just wanna go back home..... :((((((((((

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