Friday, October 29, 2010

black n white

everything seems to be changed and thats what we called as life. the good girl turns bad and bad girl? vice versa. when u see dark cloud, it will not be dark always. there are times when the sun will shines.

when someone put trust on us, hold it. as it will last forever if we care for it. if not, ppl will start mumbling behind u every day.

stop acting like u are too good. nobodys perfect. stop bad mouthing. u are gonna kill everyone.'

i dont know hot to expressed it. 2.37am. im hungry, insomnia strikes me. boredom is no more on my lists. books will be my date for 2 weeks. say hello to loud headphone. welcome panda eyes. silent mode activated. and nyum nyum choki2.

to be frank, i found no new bestfren yet here. its hard for me to talk bout my problem. it kills me u know. so hard. huh....i am a lost stranger looking for a place to live.....

p/s: i wanna watch n9 vs klantan. got very jealous with my friends whos going to shout for n9 at the stadium this saturday. pffffttt...

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