Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bising baa

so pissed off with today's condition and environment

can i say any bad words???

can can can

from morning till now, the whole day!!!!

this things so disturbing my life starts when i become a teenager...

the moment i wanna be appreciated they were avoiding me
i starts to realize i was not an apple of my family's eye.
yeah... im not.. im really sad..
all this time i was doing something different from the others
just to show it to them im good and im the best
i was struggling 2 years
just to be appreciated
but it seems nothing to them
i was silent just to ignore of being annoyed
but i was wrong
to be loved is to make noise (rupanyaa)

aishh... i know they hate me, bcoz appearance more importance then what the inner says
no ones seems understands me.. only my friends knew my true colours.
i dont care if they hate me for what i want to be
just dont insult it ok...

at the moment i was trying to search what i want for my future
they were interrupting..they decide it for me
at the moment i have chosen my path...
they try to argue with it instead of supporting...
they were trying to push me to do something that i cant bear on..
ppl, if u want it so much, y dont u ask urself to do it..
now, i dont where else to turn to..
i feel so lonely...
b4 sleep, i always convince myself for every decision i made
i speak to myself
yes, thanx dear self......

p/s: im down rite now... ppl, plz stop asking and sound like *sighing*

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