Monday, April 19, 2010

no to sleep

haha..looks like the mission of 'preparing myself to go bed earlier' is not gonna work out..
it seems like i will sit infront of the lappy and keep 0n9 all day long...
ive been addictive to read out some sort of short stories and starts to listen to some of the bands i just newly discovered.

so.. i guess.... i will keep downloading those stuff to b read n listen when i was living on that 'island'

hurmm...although ive been warned not to stay up anymore, im just keep ignoring it..such a 'kepala batu'

im thinking of something positive rite now... i really need those positive thoughts...if not i will destroy my future n wasting my precious 1 year studying there... then, i will regret it...

i keep hoping for impossible stuff..such a dreamer.....wake up!!! keep moving ahead...

what u hate or dislike sometimes brings u an incredible success...

stop complaining n babbling, do some action!!!

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