Tuesday, April 13, 2010


today is hari becelaru sedunia...got to finished all the chores b4 tomorrow...but still, i have the time to sit infrnt of the pc. then my pikiran oso gone evrywhere when thinking bout the zakat form.. need to do an essay oso... aisyy... very lazy to do it, but i have to do it. or i will regret 4 it later. nothing interested with me today, except 4 sweating so badly. after doing all the heavy chores, i feel so sleepy, so i take a nap 4 a while. not 4 a while actlly..hee~terlajak. im buying an ice cream again today... the mat kool motor makes me wanna eat ice cream~ when i check my purse, my money is really really running out... aisyy... dun care bout it laa~ then, im so into tumbIr-ing... i always updated that thing.. but, i still care bout this bloggy oso...hee~

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  1. hehe,addicted to tumblr but tda ku lupakan blog ku kan nab?