Tuesday, March 16, 2010

up up n away~

today i am really realy really working hard on my future.. im ignoring the things that bothered me.. remain silent (although my heart screamin like crazy, bubblin the bad words n watsoever)... thing really get complicated as our mindset said so... so, just chill out n think +ve.... as the minds speak, the action will follow evrything.... now, i know the real meaning n the real journey of our life...hardship is just like the trials we make for shooting a goal... be confidence as it is the main point of success.... make failure as the beginning of success.... all the world's genius fail 4 hundred time, but giving up is not their way.... moving up is what they'll do.... its all bout motivation 2 u'rself... u make ur self.......words cant make u go down.... a thousands of gratitude given to those who makin me standing up again... making me with 'no fear'.... confidence is a process, a process needs tym, so confidence needs tym to b build.... take time.... dont b in a rush (credit given 2 my junior 4 giving me these motivational words, its just like the 'mathematical reasoning')

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