Sunday, March 28, 2010


soon, april will come...huhu... im flashing back what have i done during past 3 months....i can say, nothing useful....only at home, sometimes go for an outing, receive my spm rslts, applying bundles of forms, on9 everyday(i can say, i cant live without it), making new frens, looking back on my long-lost frens...reading magazines, articles, ujangzz, watching my fav tv shows...thats all... nothing useful... im hoping 4 a better april, more useful stuffs will fill up my looking forward 4 any classes or courses rite now....i just dont want my money 2 b wasted 4 on the process of doing many things...i hope i can really work it out!!! i will give all out 4 this starting april...pray 4 me...=)

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