Saturday, February 20, 2010


this luv storee adapted from a true storee...(experienced by an unknown)..hihi....juz guess u'rself lah.....after fully understand the 'unknown' storee, i've edited n make it short so it is not too obvious larrr....its complicated dude...xD

its on the climax when the feelin gettin so into luv
i dunno y this is gettin serious
tryin to 4get it but it takes time
its impossible 4 me 2 get into the relationship
we're like aliens 2 each other....huhu

a step to the door changes evrything
from the eyes straight 2 the heart
2 hrs of meeting is only lyk a flash 2 me...
my eyes keep pointing at u from the moment i open the door
our position in parallel
u look very cool.....

voices, styles n evrythin suits me
looks perfecto!
u'r different frm othrs, u'r unique thn othrs
u'r life tells evrythin bout u...
simple n passion describing u....

thats the end of my dream...i thought
u'r only a dreamOmine
a gap of ages
difference of lifestyles, places
separates us...
impossible 4 us 2 b 2gther....

meetin u again in the screen
makes me recall evrythin back...
readin u evryday...huhu.. torturing me bah....
adui..why u'r face n voice cant get rid of me... just "bertepuk sblh tgn"

'manusia' we havent speak wit each othr
'manusia' we never gettin 2 knoe each othr better
'manusia' u dunno me but i knoe u
'manusia' if we're really meant 4 each othr
the destiny will decide...hope 2 c u again in the future...xD

so?? got the storee?? huhu... what do u think will b in the end?? gettin 2gthr or jusz in dream?? god will decide n give the best 4 both...every single things happen may have the pros n cons....b patient...

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